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The BEST Gym pack

The Gym pack that is packed with protein for all those wanting to slim or gain lean muscle , with a great selection of lean boneless meats from lean sausages , fresh chicken fillets to prime tender sirloin steaks , giving you a range to prep all your meals , all meat is 5% fat great for bodybuilders and fitness and sports people . plus choose 1 crazy add of 6 x prime sirloin steak or 10 fresh chicken breast for only 1p .

This great deal includes:

All this for just £39.99!

Product Details for this Deal

3 chicken fillets

3 chicken fillets

Min Weight: 300 g

400g of Diced steak

400g of diced steak

Min Weight: 400 g

2 tender sirloin steaks

2 sirloin steaks

Min Weight: 400 g

2 x lovely lean rump steaks

2 rump steaks

Min Weight: 400 g

Xtra lean mince steaks 5%

5% extra lean mince steak

Min Weight: 400 g

4 x steak burgers

4 steak burgers

Min Weight: 200 g

Peppered Steak Chicken fillets

Lovely plump boneless chicken filllets in a crunch pepper steak glaze

Min Weight: 500 g

3 x Salt n pepper chicken fillets

Salt n pepper chicken fillets

Min Weight: 500 g

3 x cajun chicken fillets

3 x Cajun chicken fillets

Min Weight: 500 g


Extra lean high meat sausage

Min Weight: 0 g

Choose an Add-On!

Add a Tomahawk!

Don't Forget Your Veg!